Bye, bye dusty pet supplies market!

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Hi, I'm Cooper the Mastermind behind this brand. Together with my mummy Kathi I've founded Cooper Dogs.
Hochwertige & stylische Accessoires für mich und meine vierbeinigen Freunde zu finden.

COOPER DOGS: Stylisch, durable & eco-friendly Accessoires for the modern Dog, developed & designed in Austria (Europe).


Products as individual as the nature of a dog | For Small & Large, Thick & Thin and Young & Old.

The best quality for the best prive | Since we at Cooper develop all products ourselves, we can also offer very fair prices for the best quality on the market. Unlike many other manufacturers, we only use high-quality metal goods and no plastic for closures. The material for leashes & Co. is specially produced for Cooper and impresses with its extreme tear resistance and a razor-sharp print. One of our big goals is to manufacture all products from recycled PET from Q4 2021.

100% vegan | Animals are our best friends and that is why we at Cooper consciously refrain from using animal materials such as leather and the like.

1$ per sold item for the animal welfare | For every product sold, we automatically donate one dollar to an animal welfare organization. The organizations are selected together with the Cooper Community. Transparency is important to us, which is why we regularly publish the donation amount.

For a better future At Cooper, all packages are sent climate-neutrally. Our partner Pachama offsets our CO2 footprint through many great projects. Pachama gleicht unseren CO2 Abdruck durch viele tolle Projekte aus.

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Trust your gut feeling and dare to venture new ways.

I've had the idea of ​​a brand in the pet business in my head for years, but as always everything turns out differently than you think ...

During my design studies I slipped into self-employment and successfully built my first brand. A journey full of ups and downs and, above all, learnings that nobody can take away from me. My passion for entrepreneurship was kindled and not a day has passed since then that I did not deal with my passion. Dealer fairs in Asia, fashion weeks all over Europe, pop-up shops in different cities and much more shaped my past years as a founder in the fashion sector.

A time that I would not want to miss, but in my heart there is a completely different person in me: Country child out of passion who prefers to swing the pitchfork than to dance at events and is blessed with one of the biggest hearts for animals.

Since the idea for the pet brand blossomed again in my head every few weeks, I began intensive research in 2021. It turned out that the pet supplies market is not only a huge market but above all an extremely old-fashioned market, e-commerce seems to be a foreign word for many big players in the industry and therefore still has great potential for a start-up.
With all the data and facts in the back of my head, I didn't have to think twice and trusted my gut feeling and developed my new brand within 6 months: COOPER - high-quality accessories for the modern dog, named after my favorite on four paws.
In Austria one would describe Cooper something like this: "super nice products for Herrl & Tscherl". And thats how it is! With my years of experience in the start-up business, a good feeling for trends and design as well as a large portion of courage, I have set myself the goal of really shaking up the pet supplies market. With Cooper, I can finally be me and combine my two favorite passions: entrepreneurship and love for animals.

I am looking forward to a wonderful & fluffy trip together with you.

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$1 per product sold will be donated. One of our great visions is to set up our own animal welfare organization. Hopefully, with your support, our vision will become real in the future.

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stylish & high quality products at a fair price are not available? Indeed! Convince yourself and discover our product range >> product range